About Kefalonia

Kefalonia mapKefalonia, a dreamy destination to anchor

Quietly sitting in the middle of the blue sea, the nymph of the Ionian sea, Kefalonia is the largest among the Ionian islands, with a rich natural and cultural background.

With dramatic natural diversities ranking from majestic mountainous landscapes to sweeping beaches scattered along the rich coastline, creating a manifold backdrop for everyday living, Kefalonia inspires amazing journeys for the soul.

The island is perfect as a family place to live in and suits anyone seeking stunning scenery in a laid-out and cozy atmosphere, featuring all services and necessary amenities for a high quality of life.  Either choosing a fully organized town, such as  Argostoli or Lixouri, or a  quintessential village in the suburbs to live in, facilities are easily accessible almost everywhere in the island.



Unique Attractions

Kefalonia is a really a blessed place, offering one of a kind, unique attractions making it an unmatched destination to live in.
With a wealth of notable ancient sites, magnificent natural wonders at the Caves of Drogarati and Melissani, picturesque waterfront promenades in Argostoli, Lixouri, Sami and Fiskardo settlements, ducks, swans and Loggerhead turtles at the Koutavos Lagoon in Argostoli, inspiring lighthouses with amazing views to the Ionian sea, there is always something new to see and learn.

MelissaniMelissani Cave Lake

Melissani cave lake, an idyllic place of unique beauty that feels like was born out of a legend. A landscape of excellence, where waters coloured in unbelievable hues of blue, are embraced by honey-like brown walls with countless stalactites, creating a magical, out of this world scenery. Myth has it, this place was the cave of the Nymphs, and was named after Melissanthi, a mythical nymph who drowned herself there after being rejected from Panas, the ancient Greek God.





Drogarati CaveDrogarati Cave

Located close to Sami, a majestic work of art crafted by Nature before 100-150 million years ago, as estimated by Speleologists. Descending some steps below the ground, one can reach a marvelous underworld, with colorful stalactites hanging from the roof like curtains and glassy stalagmites emerging from the ground, forming spacey chambers.
This marvelous phenomenon is created from the rain that comes through the rocky level of the cave, corroding it and depositing the elements of the earth on the edge of the stalactites and stalagmites.




AinosAinos Mountain

As if emerging from the infinite deep sea, standing tall and solid, mountain Ainos is a National Park with splendid flora and fauna, including some extremely rare, if not one-of-a-kind specimen. Covered with lush vegetation and a forest with dark green fir, the rare species of “Black Fir”, the Mountain appears almost black, so that the Venetians used to call it Monte Nero (the black mountain). Apart from the reach fauna involving mammals, rare birds and serpents, inside the park shelter the famous and protected wild horses of Ainos. The park is a heaven for hikers, especially on its East side, which is more savage.  During a long hike, one can discover great surprises such as uncharted trails, mysterious lakes and caves of unrivalled beauty.



The Beaches

Kefalonia features a wealth of amazing beaches for all tastes scattered along the long, diverse coastline.  Crystal blue waters blending with golden sandy shores or dazzling white pebbles in organized, cosmopolitan beaches or serene coves, offer a great variety for your daily swim, perfectly matching with your personal beach lifestyle.
At a short distance by car or bus from Argostoli, enjoy the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea in Lassi area, brimming with golden sandy shores. Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos are the most famous and crowded organized beaches, yet there are plenty of non-organized beaches along the coastline, all sandy and clean.

Palliki area, where Lixouri town is located, features totally different scenery. Red sandy beaches surrounded by clay cliffs, with warm and shallow waters, such as Xi beach and Megas Lakkos, are ideal for families with children. For exquisite beach scenery, you must visit Petani, featuring crystal clear waters, rather wavy most of the times.
At the south, in Livathos region, one can find small and tranquil coves or long, crowded organized beaches, a wealth of choice! Avythos and Ai Helis beach are the most crowded while Lourdas, Trapezaki, Spartia and Pessada bays feature beaches for all tastes.
At Sami region, Captain Corelli’s site, enjoy your swim in organized beaches such as Antisamos, Karavomylos and Agia Efimia.
At the southeastern, near Poros settlement, enjoy calm, peaceful pebbly coves and reach Skala resort, featuring a very long organized pebbly beach and refreshing, deep waters.

In the northern of the island, close to quintessential Fiskardo, one can find remote, non-organized beaches in unspoiled landscapes where the shades of trees almost reach the pebbly coasts embracing calm, green blue waters.  Foki, Emplisi, Gagiana, Aghia Ierousalim beaches are accessible by car and worth to visit.

Myrtos beachMyrtos Beach

Ranking in the first places among the most beautiful beaches in the world for more than ten consecutive years, renown and multi-awarded Myrtos is a beach once experienced, never forgotten.
Deep cobalt blue waters kissed by white sand leading to dazzling white pebbles, in a long, long strip of dramatic beauty, will charm you from the very first sight. 
Sunset in Myrtos is absolutely mind-blowing, an all-time favorite location not only for romantic couple!




Robola wineGastronomy in Kefalonia

Kefalonia boasts of amazing traditional tastes and local flavors that are unique. No one leaves Kefalonia without having tried Robola, a delicate white wine made of an indigenous grape variety that grows on the slopes of Ainos mountain. Homegrown vegetables of the highest quality, virgin olive oil, fresh fish, local dairy and farm products create healthy, mouthwatering salads and recipes one can find in a wealth of fine restaurants scattered throughout the island or prepare at home.  Greek salad, Kreatopita (meat pie), Skordalia (smashed garlic and potato puree), rabbit stew and cod pie are some of the local signature dishes starring in the Kefalonian diet.
Restaurants in Kefalonia maintain the original gastronomic culture and offer a deep insight of the local cooking folklore.


The weather in Kefalonia

In Kefalonia, the weather is mild and pleasant. Winters are rainy and wet but not extremely cold. Snow covers Ainos Mountain and the surrounding villages annually, but the rest of the island experiences mild snow falling once in a decade, if not more rarely.
Springs are bliss in Kefalonia, as the weather gets warmer and pleasant, colourful trees and flowers blossom all around and the verdant slopes get covered with lush greenery.
Temperature rises during summer, not to get extremely hot and the fine beaches of the island call for the daily, rejuvenating sea dip.
Not very hot but still warm, early autumn makes perfect days for the beach, until the rainy days start. At that time, nature gets in its wildest, most verdant form.




ArgostoliArgostoli town

Argostoli is the capital town of the island, where major facilities of everyday life, such as the General Hospital, the Port, the Airport, educational activities and public schools of all levels, civil services, big marketplaces, cafes and restaurants, most leisure and cultural activities and services, are gathered.

Amphitheatrically built on a hill descending to the Ionian waters, the town is quite pretty in a traditional way, with tiled rooftops, lovely squares, a romantic paved waterfront that leads to a big stone bridge, parks and amazing views to the horizon. Access to fine sandy beaches is conveniently easy, Lassi resort and its beautiful beaches are a short drive from Argostoli.



LixouriLixouri town (Palliki Area)

Situated right opposite of Argostoli, one could easily claim that Lixouri is the cheerful sister of Argostoli, with a matchless local vibe! The town is smaller but still convenient in major facilities, featuring a hospital, a port connected with Argostoli on a regular basis during the day, civil services, educational activities and public schools of all levels, local market, cafes and restaurants, leisure and cultural activities of all kinds.
Stretching along the waterfront, the town is lovely with narrow, paved alleys, beautiful yards and a lively square. With a relaxed lifestyle always in celebratory mood, the local vibe has a quaint fascination, worth to live.
Wider Palliki area features some of the most stunning beaches of the island, such as Petani beach, with bright blue waters and pebbles, competing Myrtos in beauty and Xi beach, a popular gamily friendly organized beach with shallow waters, surrounded by bright red sand cliffs.


Avithos beachLivathos region

Spread in the southwestern districts of Kefalonia and comprising some of the most beautiful, quintessential villages of the island such as Kourkoumelata, Kalligata, Lakithra and Karavados village, Livathos area bears an enchanting nobleness.

Embraced by verdant nature meeting with amazing sandy beaches such as Trapezaki, Avythos, Spartia and Lourdas, living in Livathos is a delight for all senses.  Small markets, drug stores, leisure and culture areas are scattered throughout the villages, while Keramies village features public schools of all levels and Argostoli is in 10 minutes’ drive.


SamiSami region

A small coastal settlement featuring one of the main harbors of the island, close to the magnificent natural wonders of Melissani and Drogarati caves, ancient sites and beautiful beaches.
The settlement provides several marketplaces, public schools of all levels, a regional health center, restaurants and cafes along the waterfront.





FiskardoFiskardo region

A popular cosmopolitan resort in the northern tip of the island, that was left virtually unscathed by the disastrous earthquake of 1953 and maintains the nobleness and charm of a past era.
Set on an amazing landscape with lush greenery meeting with cobalt waters in pristine beaches, is considered as the jewel of Kefalonia.
The waterfront promenade is brimming with fine restaurants and tavernas, cafes and souvenir shops, housed in renovated pre-earthquake Venetian style mansions. Lifestyle here is based on tourism and is an ideal place to invest on tourism-related business.



AssosAssos settlement

Situated just north of stunning Myrtos beach, Assos is a tiny, quintessential village with colourful houses spreading amphitheatrically around a beautiful peninsula, embraced by luscious greenery and the azure Ionian waters.
With pristine pebbly coves and breathtaking panoramic views to the Ionian Sea, few local taverns and cafes, is a delightful little village ideal for relaxing family vacations away from the crowds.