Information for buyers


You can navigate your way through what can be a long and complex process by following these time and energy saving steps.

1.  Research

Define your criteria regarding the desired property, requirements and location, pick an area on which to focus your search and start scanning the internet for properties that correspond to your standards. On our website, you can find useful tools to assist you with your research, including Google maps that define the exact location of the property, floor plan images that determine the layout of interior spaces, videos and extensive written descriptions enlightening more aspects and local facts about the property. With the amount of information collected, it becomes much clearer to decide for which properties you should arrange a viewing, a time saving factor.

2. Contact us, sending your enquiry

Send us your enquiry regarding the property that matches your criteria. Our dedicated team will respond to you within 24 hours in order to arrange and schedule a viewing for the enquired property, in good time and without pressure.



3. Viewing the property

We truly understand the importance of buying a new property and we strongly believe that pressure can only do harm, so we will arrange the viewing in the most appropriate time for your convenience. If there is more than one property to view, we will make an easy schedule with no time pressure between the viewings, so you have a clear and doubtless mind.


4. Before leaving Kefalonia

If you have decided to purchase a property, it would be really important to open a Greek bank account. Following, you should give the account number to your solicitor and sign a power of attorney document. This is really a time and money saving tip that will absolve you from costly, time-consuming future trips. We can suggest you reputable legal advisers to carry out required actions on your behalf.



5.  Spotted your dream home -  Giving an Offer

Give an offer for the property of your interest and let us negotiate the price with the seller on your behalf. We will do our best to reach a point that is acceptable to both parts.




6. Leave a Deposit

Once a sale agreement is reached, the property appears on our website marked with “Under Offer” indication. In order to begin with the required paper work, a deposit is always necessary to cover mandatory costs associated with bureaucratic procedures.



7. Currency Exchange

For foreign currency transactions, we offer deals of great interest with exchange companies - experts in money saving, to get the best exchange rates for your money.



8. Keeping you well-informed

As we proceed with the required actions, we keep you in the loop, providing all relevant information and including you in the decision-making process.


9. Signature of contracts

Once we have completed all the necessary paper works, it’s time to sign a contract legally committing you to the purchase.  Some signatures by your authorized assignee and the transfer of the property is complete. Congratulations you are the new owner, pick the keys!



10. Setting Up and Transferring Utilites
We  don't want you to spend your first days in your new home with no lights, heat or hot water.  We will transfer the utilities accounts to your new property on your behalf, absolving you from all burdens.



11.  Customize your dream home

Most of the times, new property owners wish to make changes and customize the new home according to their own, unique style. In this case, one may require some wall paint refreshment or a completely new makeover. We can do it!