The Buying Process

The buying process is in our minds one of the most important parts of the decision to make the moving to Kefalonia. We are very well informed about the implications of purchasing a property overseas, and in Greece there are none of the discouraging delays associated with buying in countries such as Spain.

From the moment you decide to purchase a property with Mantas Real Estate, we will endeavor to make the process as stress-free as possible, emphasizing on making you feel comfortable with your final decision. The simple steps to a purchase are as follows:

From the very first contact, Mantas Real Estate Company will assist you to find the right property from our extensive sales listings. Our experienced and friendly sales consultant will be on hand to advise you.

After you have viewed the property and decided to purchase, you will submit an offer for that. Your sales consultant will then discuss your offer with the seller on your behalf.

Once the offer has been accepted or a figure has been agreed, you will pay a small deposit to secure the property and this will give the green light to obtain a technical inspection of the property and do the necessary legal searches.

Once the searches are complete we will gather and prepare all the documents relating to the property such as topographic, energy standard certificate where applicable, blueprints and any other documents relating to the property. These documents will be given to your solicitor and the legal process of transfer will begin.

Consequently, your solicitor will calculate the amount of Government tax you have to pay and  will instruct you to deposit the funds to pay the tax account.

Following the tax payoff,  your solicitor will confirm the final amount to be paid when you sign the contract of sale. You can either be in Kefalonia to do this or you can appoint your solicitor as power of attorney to do this on your behalf.

It really is “that simple”!  You are just a breath away from your dream home!


In order to purchase any property in Kefalonia, it is required by law to have a Greek bank account and tax file number (this applies to both parties if it is a joint purchase).

We at Mantas are able to assist you with these procedures and confirm any personal paperwork required at the commencement of negotiations with your sales consultant. Please do not worry, this is a simple and painless procedure. We are only too happy to help you. 

We can also recommend English speaking solicitors to ensure you get a smooth transition.